Our Sectors

Quality delivery across various Sectors

We carry out services in numerous sectors spanning residential, commercial, learning centers, public spaces and industrial facilities.


Residential building have been one of our core sectors with hands-on employees who are enthusiasts of domestic electrical technologies covering general and specialized electrical installations. We have been engaged in different types of residential projects with capabilities involving up to IT integrations in household utilities.

Public Spaces

Our approach to public space designs and installations has been to provide sound electrical solutions that will ease maintenance and ease improvements and expansions.

Industrial Facilities

Our design services in industrial and special purpose facilities have always met modern standards. We provide customized, cost-effective and sustainable designs that make it easy for installations and maintenance.


Commercial buildings are consistently on the rise with the increasing need for shared utilities. We are consistently thinking up and implementing solutions that help users maximize facilities. Our clear understanding of the need for stand-alone units and combine systems make us the people you want to work with.

Learning Centres

Learning Centres have been repeated projects at Trebuchet Systems with new challenges always thrown to us by our clients.  They provide us opportunities to continuously learn, innovate and evolve in our approaches to solving their electrical engineering problems.

Who we are


Trebuchet Systems is an electrical engineering company providing services in design, installations, maintenance, consultancy and research.

Our Services

  • Electrical Engineering Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Consultancy and Research

Merry Christmas from all of us at Trebuchet Systems

May your Christmas be filled with LOVE, JOY & PEACE

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Welcome to the Last MONTH of the Year 2022.
Merry everything and be happy always. Eat, drink, and be cozy.

Happy New Month😍

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